High Latitude Sailing Experience

Some years ago I had an interest in joining one of Assaf Riefeld’s sails close to the North- and/or the South Pole.

For various reasons the idea remained an idea until Derech HaYam brought Assaf in as part of the club.

At the first opportunity I joined the March 2013 sail to Lofoten, Norway, hoping that we would have such weather as to be fortunate to see the Aurora Borealis.

The sails were fantastic with mostly good winds and astounding landscape.

Assaf, true to his word, brought us to some of the fishing industries to see how the cod fish, typical for this time of year, is prepared for being hung up to dry and how.

On the fourth night, as we were sitting down to a home cooked dinner, Assaf, with no fore warning, dashed up to the cockpit and called us all out to witness a glorious sight.

Having enjoyed the Lofoten sail so much I decided to join the Scotland sail this August. The landscape of Scotland is breathtaking. Again we had good sails, good winds, nice company and a lot of improvised gourmet meals.

Often we saw various birds and seals.

Being a skipper, these sails with Assaf are especially enjoyable taking advantage of Assaf’s wide experience and knowledge of the seas, in particular in these far away areas.

I am now waiting for next spring-summer to come around so that I can take part in a Lofoten summer sail and perhaps even a Spitzbergen sail.

Rhoda Frydman

Via Maris club member for 10 years

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