Come sail with us


Via Maris sailing club is your gateway to the wondrous world of the sea.

Via Maris is the home port to which the yachts return, are secured to the pier, and in which the sailors of our club relate their experiences over beer at the bar. In our kitchen, we cook the cruises and adventures, and in our rooms we share and impart to one another the vast knowledge of sailing and experience that we’ve acquired over the years.


When Via Maris was founded, 15 years ago, we had many goals. However one mission was always uppermost in our minds- to establish a warm home for new and veteran sailors alike, and to bring the world of the sea as we’ve come to know it- professional, inspiring and full of adventure, to as many people as possible.


In the years since, we have successfully trained hundreds of skippers and have built up a respectable cadre of trainers who are among the most experienced in the field. If you ask around, most people involved in sailing consider Via Maris to be the best sailing school in Israel. We founded the club in order to enable our friends to continue to enjoy the sailing experience after the course. The club owns a fleet of new yachts and organizes countless supplementary activities: From enrichment courses in all fields of sailing to training voyages and fun trips, as well as voyages to exotic sites all around the world.


We currently have a fleet of brand new yachts, four spacious classrooms and a crew of no less than 35 sailing instructors. We occupy the nicest location at the Marina in Herzliya, and we even have a branch in Haifa.


But some things will never change: Via Maris is a warm home for sailors and lovers of the sea. It is a constantly expanding family that has become a large community of good people whose love of the sea and joint experiences binds them together. They are our pride and joy.



For details and activity information please contact us at +972- 9- 9578811


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